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Years of contractor based site construction experience


Million in project management experience both as a general contractor and subcontractor in public and private sector


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Here's how we can help

We offer pavement and site improvement consultation for commercial, industrial, institutional, retail, and high end residential properties with the following focus: 

Contractors On Site
  • Project & Construction Management. Aid property owners in the evaluation and selection of engineers and contractors specific to their projects. Manage those providers to complete project design and construction.  
  • Construction Inspection and Observation. Provide construction oversite to ensure construction and supplied materials meet specifications and project remains within budget.
  • Pavement Condition Analysis and Budgeting. Evaluate site condition and provide budgets and strategies for maintenance, repairs, and capital expenditures to meet the client's property investment strategy.
  • Design, Plans, and Specifications. Prepare designs and specifications. Develop RFP strategies that identify and engage contractors whose abilities align with the project, providing more competitive bidding and better project results.
  • Site Services. Analyze existing site usage, traffic flow, drainage, and ADA compliance.  Design solutions as needed. 
  • Failure Analysis, Project Dispute Mediation and Resolution, and Expert Witness Testimony. Provide insight and examination into pavement and site improvement failures. Assist in resolving contract and project disputes through mediation. Provide expert witness testimony when required.

What people are saying

“I have worked with Joe for the past 5 years and have been extremely pleased with the results both as a contractor and now a consultant. I could always count on you and your company to approach every job, no matter how large or small, with professionalism, expert knowledge and integrity. I feel confident when I bring you in to complete work or site planning that I will not have to worry about the outcome and know you will take a common sense approach to recommendations. I always trust that you will get the job done and stand behind it. It has been a pleasure to do business with you over the years and look forward to doing more.”

Pat Schultz, Uline

“Joe’s reputation, credibility and integrity are well known in the paving business and this was an intangible but critically important and beneficial element of the services he was able to provide to us…. His knowledge, experience and history in the business was invaluable…. He was a great partner in our project.”

Chris and Anne Noyes, River Hills, WI

Why Site Advice?

In my experience as a contractor and consultant, I have often seen times when project managers, engineers, and contractors provide recommendations for their clients without truly understanding the clients' property investment strategy.

As a result, projects became bogged down by conflicting expectations, scope creep and deteriorating relationships. Projects facing this challenge failed, costing the property owners and their suppliers a lot of time, money and good will.

My mission is to change that dynamic.

I have the practical experience and project management knowledge to ask the right questions and identify and accurately assess each client's unique and individual project needs. This allows me to customize each project to align the needs and expectations of all parties, eliminate wasted efforts and bring powerful efficiencies to your paving and construction projects.

Ultimately, my goal is to help you design and manage successful projects that meet your investment strategy.

Joe Teglia
Founder Site Advice LLC

Meet Joe Teglia

  • Owned and operated a major Southeast Wisconsin asphalt and concrete site construction services and asphalt material provider. His focus was in project management, new pavement and pavement reconstruction design, operations management, and asphalt material production.
  • Experienced project manager with a career total of both public and private sector infrastructure projects totaling in excess of $300 million.

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